Meet the Team

Our team

Kevin Barker

Director & Senior Consultant

Immigration Compliance was founded in 2015 by Kevin Barker who is the director and senior consultant.  Kevin has a portfolio of successful cases and is rivalled among reputable legal firms.  With over 22 years of experience working in law, he deals directly with a wide range of businesses to support them through their litigation process.  Kevin specialises in compliance, civil penalties, clandestine penalties and licenced premises reviews.

Previously, Kevin worked for the Home Office as an immigration enforcement officer and so, brings with him a wealth of lived experience enabling him to offer an unparalleled service to his clients.  It is Kevin’s aim to seek justice for businesses and ensure the law is upheld with regards to immigration enforcement.

Steph Jones


Steph joined Immigration Compliance in June 2023 as a consultant working directly with businesses to support them with their governance compliance and civil penalty litigation.  Alongside this, Steph is focussing on business development and enhancing the company’s presence.

Following a successful career in human resources and company secretarial work within the construction industry, Steph has an in-depth working knowledge of governance processes and the civil penalty procedure.  She is able to empathise with businesses providing a diligent and professional service to her clients.