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Immigration and employment legislation is ever changing, complex and dynamic. The law is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. At Immigration Compliance, we believe in empowering business owners to know their responsibilities and rights by sharing our working knowledge and in-depth understanding of legislation and immigration powers. Our team of expert immigration consultants are best placed to ensure you know where you stand.

We will provide you with all the legal information you need to make an informed decision on your business’s immigration compliance or with regards to challenging a civil penalty.  

We offer a bespoke investigative service to businesses and solicitors firms to support litigation and criminal cases. Our specialist knowledge can ensure that the full facts of a case are explored and presented.

We offer expert support to businesses who are subjected to an immigration enforcement raid or search, we can investigate the imposition of a civil penalty to help identify any grounds to object or appeal.  There are always grounds to challenge a civil penalty, and our team of specialist immigration consultants are best placed to support you throughout the entire process.  

Who we support

Large corporate entities often automate or outsource their HR on-boarding process.  Automation can lead to individual cases which don’t fit ‘the system’ and may result in a loss of talent, unfair dismissal, discrimination or penalties for illegal working.  Furthermore, using a third party to conduct employment right to work checks does not make the business exempt if they are subjected to an immigration raid or search and later served with a civil penalty for illegal workers.  

The majority of our clients are large organisations such as construction companies, care-homes and commercial cleaning services.  We have been able to successfully challenge their cases, proving that the organisation is compliant or the enforcement teams acted outside their powers.  This has resulted in a saving of over £4 million in potential fines.  

As a sole trader it’s vital to remain compliant with immigration law.  Any civil penalty will be imposed on the individual business owner, and any unpaid fines may lead to visits from debt collection agencies.  As a sole trader, immigration enforcement can be a daunting process.  We will act on your behalf, taking the burden away from you, whilst supporting you through the entire civil penalty process.  Our team of immigration consultants offer clear and concise guidance around current immigration legislation, so you can be informed when looking at your options to object against a civil penalty.  

Although liability is limited, the consequences of breaching immigration law will significantly impact the company’s reputation and will likely have financial ramifications.  We can advise your company ensuring appropriate governance procedures are in place to minimise these implications as a preventive measure.  We can also act on your behalf to challenge any imposed civil penalty for illegal working supporting your business through the entire process.

We offer internal immigration compliance advice and can work alongside your HR and legal teams.  Our team of immigration consultants can conduct a full audit of your current governance and data management processes to ensure your business is fully compliant with current legislation.  Support can be tailored to your business’s needs, offering a bespoke service enabling you to navigate the niche area of immigration and employment law.

Immigration Compliance have supported a significant number of legal firms across the UK.  Lawyers have benefited from our specialist immigration knowledge and detailed investigative skills. Our team of immigration consultants work with lawyers to successfully litigate against civil and criminal cases.

The franchise model can lead to regional differences and locally based decisions.  Some of the biggest franchise outlets in the UK have received significant fines for employing illegal workers.  We work with franchises to support them through the civil penalty process, and alongside their HR and legal teams to ensure their business is compliant with current immigration legislation.

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