Immigration Compliance Services

Expert Consultancy

Our team of immigration consultants are on hand to ensure you know where you stand.

Illegal Working Civil Penalties

If you feel you have been wrongly served an illegal working civil penalty, we can help.

Clandestine Entrant Penalties

For clandestine entrant penalties we are able to provide expert advice and support.

Premises Licence Review

Our team can ensure that any representations made are a reflection of the situation.

What we do

Immigration law, right to work and rent checks and effective clandestine measures are constantly being reviewed and updated. This has created a complex set of rules which are incredibly hard for employers and landlords to understand. Minor errors and unintended ignorance can often be a trigger for an imposed civil penalty but not many people know that many penalties are also imposed unlawfully.  

How we do it

We offer expert support to businesses who are subjected to an immigration enforcement raid or search, we can investigate the imposition of a civil penalty to help identify any grounds to object or appeal.  There are always grounds to challenge a civil penalty, and our team of specialist immigration consultants are best placed to support you throughout the entire process.  

Who we help

We work with small to medium sized business and large corporate entities across all UK sectors, including transport firms who are served with clandestine penalties and premises who have their premises licence under review. Our tailored consultancy service can also ensure that working practices are compliant with current legislation and guidance.

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